Victoria 30mm

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Looking for something soft yet durable? Then ‘Victoria’ is the solution.

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Artificial Grass

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SKU: Victoria 30mm
Uses: Garden, Commerical, Landscaping, Indoors
Pile Content: PE+PP

Low Maintenance

No Watering

Pet Friendly

Child Friendly

Weather Safe

If you’re looking for high-quality 30mm artificial grass at a great price, look no further! Victoria is a fantastic Luxury grass, durable, animal-friendly, child-safe, and ideal for medium sports use.

If it’s your mission to have great-looking artificial grass for a price that won’t break the bank, Victoria is for you. It’s one of our top luxury grasses and is perfect for lawns, play areas, or for covering areas with a hard surface.


Garden, Commerical, Landscaping, Indoors

Pile Content:


Yarn Count (Dtex):

5500PE + 2200PP

Yarn Height (mm):

30mm ( +-2mm)

Total Height (mm):

Approx 28mm (+-2mm)

Machine Gauge:

3/8 inch

Colours of Yarn:


Tufts per 10 Centimeter (LM):

15/10cm +-3%

Tufts M2:

15750 +-10%

Yarn Weight (G/M2):

985 (+-10%)

Total Weight (G/M2):

2082( +-10%)

Drainage Hole Diameter (mm):






Primary Backing:

PP cloth

Secondary Backing:

Non-woven fabrics

Coating Backing:

Xtra spine technology (XST)

Roll Width (m):

4M or 2M

Roll Length (m):


Artificial grass can be installed on different surfaces, which is why it’s perfect for patios, verandas and balconies as well as lawns or sports areas.

Fitting an artificial lawn

1. Remove your existing lawn and apply weed-killer to the whole area.
2. Edge the area neatly with wood or timber and secure it firmly into the soil.
3. Compact the soil (you might need to hire a whacker or vibrating plate) and add a 50-75mm hardcore layer. If you need extra drainage, use limestone chip instead.
4. Add 15mm of sharp sand or dust granite before compacting again.
5. Pop a weed membrane over the compacted area and attach it to your wooded border.
6. Lay your new artificial grass over the top and trim to fit. Use galvanised nails to fix it to the timber.
7. Brush your grass to raise the pile, so it looks like the real thing.
8. Stand back and admire your handy work!

Other Surfaces

If your artificial grass is being laid on a harder surface, like concrete or tarmac, clear away any rubbish first so the area’s flat before you start.

Then stretch the lawn out and roller it to get rid of any ripples. Once that’s done, use a specialist adhesive to stick it down. We’d also recommend brushing kiln-dried sand (8kgs per m2) into the pile before you start using it.

If you’re not confident about fitting your artificial grass yourself, you can see our list of approved installers here: LINK

Maintaining your artificial grass

Like a natural grass lawn, your new artificial lawn needs care and attention to keep it looking its best. Of course, it doesn’t need mowing or edging but there are still things you should do regularly to look after it.

  • Remove stray leaves and garden rubbish with a leaf blower or by brushing/raking the fibres gently
  • Keep any surrounding bushes and trees well-trimmed, so they don’t drop too much
  • Apply weed-killer twice a year, as wildflowers and plants can sometimes poke through the membrane
  • If you’ve got pets, clean up after them straightaway and use artificial turf spray to get rid of any urine

Any serious spills should be mopped up with a cloth or towel first, followed by a good scrub with washing up liquid and warm water. Use a synthetic brush or cloth on the individual fibres affected and rinse off with cold water.

If the stains dry before you get to it, don’t worry. It can be scraped off with a plastic knife or something similar. An old toothbrush will also do the job.

Your artificial lawn will survive the harshest winter as ice and snow will simply drain away once melted, while hot sunshine won’t fade or discolour the fibres.

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